Tanzania Trip – Day 1

6-15-10 / John: Well the day is finally here. The bags are packed; the shots have been administered. We’re on our Malaria medications and the kids have plenty of things to do on the 24-hour journey to get there. We board our plane at 5:00PM today and leave for Iringa to meet our sister congregation at Ikengeza and to learn from each other and to share in the love of God these next 19 days!

What has made this trip different from, say, a family vacation is the fact that it’s everyone’s trip! From the folks who donated school supplies and gift items to take over to those who made financial contributions; from the stranger who wandered into our church for the rummage sale last summer to the guy who bought a polish sausage from us at the Lion’s Club brat stand in North St. Paul. So many people own this trip. Simply put, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Through your prayers and well wishes we will take a part of every one of you as we go. So, as we embark let me first off say THANK YOU to everyone who has helped make this possible. You are much appreciated!

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2 Comments on “Tanzania Trip – Day 1”

  1. erin_m Says:

    Have a wonderful time. Soak it all in. Enjoy the hospitality.


  2. Julie Johnson Says:

    I looked up Iringa on google maps, and discovered pictures! There was even one of the Lutheran Church (though just the cross on the building). I hope you and yours can get some sleep on the plane!


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