A Day in Dar Es Salaam

6-17-10 / John: After 48 hours of travel in the air and on land (seemed like 40 days and 40 nights) we are finally in Iringa! We left Dar Es Salaam after spending our first night at the Free Pentecostal hostel in Dar. An early breakfast of toast, tea and hard-boiled eggs was shared in a gazebo overlooking a scenic beach. Everything is green and lush. Palm trees and vines are everywhere. What looks like hostas are growing in vibrant colors. Even a monkey paid a visit at breakfast (chirip sp?). Our driver’s name is Peter. He is from Dar and knows the roads well and many drivers on this route. The climate was humid along the coast – very tropical – but soon grew crisp as we traveled to higher altitudes. They are just entering their fall season in Iringa (here in the southern hemisphere) so many folks are wearing winter coats! They say there are different constellations in this part of the world, too. We’ll have to take a peek some night when we’re not dead tired! 8 hours from Mpls to Amsterdam; 8 hours from Amsterdam to Dar; and 11 hours by bus from Dar to Iringa! Sleep now… more to come tomorrow!


6-17-10 / Sandy: It will be hard to describe all we see – there is so much to describe. But we will try. The ride on our bus from Dar EsSalaam to Iringa will be around 10 hours. We are about ½ way through, and you could fill several pages worth of all the unique things we have seen already.

Driving through the city of Dar was interesting. Traffic laws seem to be few – or at least not enforced. Few stoplights to regulate traffic flow, so cars go every which way, whenever they want. There was a policeman directing traffic, however, he seemed to be ignored by almost all. People are everywhere – walking, biking, and driving. We have seen lots of goats and cows and chickens by the side of the road grazing. Outside of the city (countryside) we have see many baboons hopping about.

There are many, many people walking about as well. Many sell their wares (fruit, baskets, nuts…). Most walk up to you as you sit in the bus and call to you through the window. Many more wonders to marvel at as well – baobab trees, palm trees with either coconuts or bananas, the mountains and hills and valleys and we also drove through a game park. From a distance we saw giraffes, gazelle, elephants and zebras. Very cool!

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4 Comments on “A Day in Dar Es Salaam”

  1. Julie Johnson Says:

    Sounds awesome! John–I should have taken you to an SL planetarium before you left. I should have thought of that! Instead, you’ll have to settle for good old ordinary star charts. Looks like I can’t send them as attachments here, so I’ll email them to you instead. Let me know if there’s a better way.


  2. Debbi Jo Says:

    YIPPEE!! for all the Stiles family! How exciting to hear about your travels! I am trying so hard to imagine all the sights you describe and I am thankful for everything you can write about.
    Praying for good health, good sleep, and great friendships over the days.
    Eager for your next update!


  3. Susan DeWald Says:

    What an experience and memories, also Thank you for describing everything and your doing great we almost can see what you are seeing (well trying : ) and the excitement awaits your next update. take lots of pictures and just make life long memories, oh how I am jealous (good way) smiling ear to ear for you all!!!,
    May god bless and keep you safe, with all our love, Susan and family, and all of Holy Cross


  4. It is so good to hear that you all made it safely to Iringa! Your descriptions of what you are seeing make it easy to imagine we are there with you. But I had trouble picturing baboons “hopping about”! I hope you have pictures of that one!

    You are all in my thoughts and prayers as you journey through Iringa and the rest of Tanzania. I’m sure the church service today was an experience in itself.

    I’m looking forward to reading more of your comments. Take care and God Bless you all.


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