Ruaha National Park

6-23-10 / Roxanne’s birthday! After breakfasting at the Lutheran Center in Iringa we took off for Ruaha National Park for our safari adventures. We did celebrate Roxanne’s birthday and sang happy birthday with hostess streusel and a candle. Our ride here was on dirt roads and very bumpy! One can never journal on the bus! Impossible to write legibly.

As we drove into the main park area, we did begin to see some animals. We saw elephants and zebras, kudus, giraffes… and that was even before the main drive on the safari! We were taken to our bandas (looks like a hut on the outside, and had a huge tent inside) with a veranda as a patio. Inside the hut was your sleeping bed, table lamps and a desk. Attached to the sleeping room was another room where the shower and a western-style toilet was (very plush!).
We had a full lunch as our hosts explained how the next two days would unfold. We then took our first safari drive. We climbed into an open sided jeep with seats for all, plus our driver and tour guide who was very knowledgeable. He has all information about all the animals and living creatures, and plants and trees. We have seen many of the following… elephants, zebras, baboons, giraffes, kudus, impalas and lions.

Our drive was for 2 hours. It began after the daily “tea & cake” time at 4pm, when it is typically cooler. At 6:30 we came back – all very wide-eyed from all we saw! And had a bit of time before campfire and dinner.

The camp directors said that breakfast & lunch are served in the main dining hall but dinner is in a surprise place. Once it was dinnertime someone escorted us in the dark to middle of the dry riverbed. During the dry season the camp puts a table in the middle of the riverbed and is set very decoratively. It’s surrounded by lots of candles and kerosene lamps.

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2 Comments on “Ruaha National Park”

  1. Debbi Jo Says:

    Sounds a lot like a wonderful scene from “Out of Africa” with Meryl Steep and Robert Redford – one of my favorite movies. Dinner out in the midst of the animals and the stars. Cool!
    So thrilled to keep hearing about all your adventures!


  2. Pat Hurlbutt Says:

    Happy belated birthday to Nathan and to Roxanne. Talk about having a theme for your parties! Nice to see the picture, too.


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