Visiting Makombako

6-22-10 / Today we went to Makombako. This is where Sarah taught when she was in the Peace Corps. She was very amazed to see all the new building that had taken place since she was there. They went from 100 to 400 students. They have built many new dorms for these students. Also, more classrooms including a science and biology room. There is a new administration building that has individual offices instead of the one large office they had for everyone. There were two people who had known Sarah when she taught there. They were very surprised to see her today, as she had written to them and said she would be there ion the 23rd. They still have the house she lived in. No one is living in it on a permanent basis. They still call it “Sarah’s House.” They were telling some of the others who knew that it was called ‘Sarah’s House’ but then they said, “This is Sarah.” It was a very special “Homecoming” for Sarah, and we were all glad to share with her.

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