Expect the Unexpected

Well, we thought we were on our last leg of the journey… but due to a flight delay we’ll be arriving a day later. Mechanical troubles with the plane in Amsterdam meant they had to send a smaller plane to Tanzania. Thus, several of us got bumped to the next day as there just weren’t enough seats on the plane. (One woman missed her mother’s memorial service because of it.) Needless to say, there weren’t any happy campers waiting in line to talk to the “one” KLM rep who was on duty last night to process our flights. In the end, better to be safe than sorry… wouldn’t have wanted a plane with mechanical troubles to “maybe” get us there on time. As it turns out, we’re in the ritzy Double Tree Hilton in Dar es Salaam’s Oyster Bay. It’s a lovely place to wait for our next flight. Thanks for all the prayers and well-wishes.

We’ll get crackin’ on uploading some pictures & videos asap! Lots to report on: Zanzibar’s slave trade tour; the spice tour with a butterfly man who climbed a palm tree for some fresh coconuts; and swimming with dolphins in the rain in 5-foot waves in the Indian Ocean!

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4 Comments on “Expect the Unexpected”

  1. Mary Kaye Ashley Says:

    You will all be in our prayers as you travel home. Linked in Christ, we’ll remember you in worship.
    blessings, Mary Kaye


  2. Have you made it home yet? Sometimes delays give you a chance to refresh before you return! Safe trip for all!


    • John Stiles Says:

      Yes, we made it home Sunday afternoon without any other hassles. Sandy has a cold and we’re getting used to these different waking/sleeping hours. Much to process and share in the coming weeks. John


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