Forgiveness via Amish Grace

“Forgive, but hate just a little bit?”

Lent is a time to consider what sins we hold tight to that need confession and forgiveness. It’s also a time to consider forgiving others. Here is some dialogue from the film Amish Grace between Gideon and his daughter, Katie. What to do with the hatred they harbor for their daughter’s/sister’s killer?

Katie: I hate that man, too. He did a bad, evil thing and I hate him more than anything.

Gideon: He did do an evil thing. And… I don’t blame you for hating. And you can hate him for as long as you like. But tell me, this hate that’s inside of you, how does it feel? Does it feel good?

Katie: Not very good.

Gideon: No. Hate is a very big, very hungry thing, with lots of sharp teeth. And it will eat up your whole heart. And leave no room left for love. We are lucky that God understands this. He is the one that will hand out the punishments so that we don’t have to carry this terrible hate around inside of us if we don’t want to… if we’re willing to forgive.

Katie: Maybe I can forgive him and still hate him just a little bit.

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2 Comments on “Forgiveness via Amish Grace”

  1. I watched the movie Amish Grace yesterday and was so struck by this dialogue between father and daughter. The monster could be hate, resentment, jealousy or any horrible feeling we hold within us.


    • bluejeremiah Says:

      So true, Wendy. Forgiveness may not happen all at once, but I believe it always comes through God’s grace. The alternative is the continued eating away of that ‘monster with very sharp teeth.’


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