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Here’s a song I wrote recently

November 18, 2013

Love, I’ve seen enough to know that I’m running low
I won’t make another day with this
Love, I’ve had enough, I’m running on empty
This is not what it was meant to be

Please, take your love away, I don’t think that I
Can take another day of this love
Please, it’s better off this way, why don’t we just ‘call it’
Call it another day when true love slipped away

Love, you were right there
Always beside me
When I turned away without a care
Love, I didn’t see
How you were waiting
To open your heart to me, so…

Please, don’t take this love away, I don’t think that I
Can make another day without you in my
Life, your love makes me strong, where did I go wrong
Can we start all over again?

‘Cause my heart is breaking open when I
Think of all the lies I believed in
Can we start all over again?

Please, it’s better off this way, I ain’t to proud to beg
To make a brand new day in my heart, won’t you
Please, don’t take your love away. What else can I say?
I can’t walk away from this love

No matter what it takes, we’ll find our
Way — if our heart breaks then we will
Say together, “Can we start anew?”

Please, don’t take your love away
I can’t bear the thought of not
Having you today in my life…

John Stiles

November 7, 2013

John Stiles

John Stiles is a pastor at First Lutheran Church (Brainerd, MN). He is a Minnesota native with 20 years experience in public ministry in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. John’s hometown is Albert Lea, MN. He graduated from Augustana College, Sioux Falls, SD with a BA in Elementary Education and earned his Masters of Divinity at Wartburg Seminary, Dubuque, IA. John has served 4 congregations in Minnesota (Fairmont, Mankato, New Brighton, and Oakdale) prior to accepting the call to Brainerd. John is married and has two children. He writes music, knits things to wear, and drives cars that were made the same year he was.