George and Mary (Tompkins) Sanborn

george_mary_sanborn2And now, for a little historical break: This is about as far back as I can go on my mother’s paternal side. George Edward Sanborn is my great-great-grandfather. He is said to have been born in Columbus, WI and Mary Tompkins is said to have been part French and Ojibway. This is their wedding picture. The little I got from my grandfather was that George died in 1905 and had a brother (Joshua) and Mary died in 1911.

covered wagon in Albert LeaIf you visit the museum in Albert Lea, MN you can see a covered wagon with a plaque bearing their names. This is my mother, Carol (Sanborn) Stiles, who passed away in 2010.  The hoops on this wagon are the original hoops from the wagon that brought George and Mary to Minnesota in 1872.

wagon plaque Albert Lea

George and Mary had six children: Addie, Eta, Charles, Lizzie, Lida, and Clara (seated between George & Mary).

georgemarysanbornfamIt’s amazing to me that these photos have been preserved, but so few stories remain of the faces behind them.  I do know who the children married: Lizzy married Charles Lewis; Lida married Pete Bayers; Charles married Anna Alm (my great-grandparents); Eta married John Ray; and Addie married a preacher by the name of John Morran (pictured below) and one of their children was named Jessie.johnaddiemorranjessie

Outside of that, there’s little else I have, save these photos from 100 years ago.georgeandmarysanborn george_mary_sanborn

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