“Ask A Reverend” Periscope


I’ve been trying out a new app under the Twitter umbrella called Periscope – using the tagline: Ask A Reverend” and my twitter account: @johnnyleestiles. It’s live video streaming of whatever happens to be happening at any given moment (yup, some of which can be pretty mundane). But every now and then you catch some great sunsets, strolls along Venetian streets, or some crazy shepherd bringing in the flock from a pasture in the UK. Even if you don’t have the app you can watch what’s streaming online, here: http://onperiscope.com/ …for now, at least. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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2 Comments on ““Ask A Reverend” Periscope”

  1. Jayzz Says:

    1. Too many streams to choose from! How does one decide? To veer off topic–One of my irritations with the world today is that we are given so many options to choose from. I know–I ought to be grateful, and I am to some degree, but choices are hard. I asked for suggestions for a PCA agency and got a packet containing the names and addresses of 200 names and addresses. Retirement? Here’s 20 funds you can invest in–pick some. I’d rather have a pension, I think. Half an aisle of tea at the store and I couldn’t find plain old black tea with caffeine. I’m thankful we have PCA hours, I’m thankful for my retirement dollars, I’m glad I don’t have to drink black tea with caffeine all the time—but I spend way to much time making choices.
    2. I don’t have the patience (or time) too click around randomly. I have too many other choices to make! 🙂


    • bluejeremiah Says:

      Thanks, Jayzz, for the feedback! Yes, it IS a lot of random-ness, wired for those with short-attention-spans. The jury is still out for me, though, in terms of its usefulness. Live music and cross-cultural encounters have been enjoyable for me thus far. To be continued…


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