Plans for a Sabbatical in 2018

Here is a summary of my plans for a sabbatical in 2018.

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2 Comments on “Plans for a Sabbatical in 2018”

  1. Kathleen Tusa Says:

    Pastor John – I’ve read the plans for sabbatical and am impressed. It sounds wonderful and I know we will all benefit from your increased knowledge and whatever new musical contributions you come up with, whether new liturgy or new music to share with us. I hope the grant comes through and you are able to do this. Understand we will miss you, but the sacrifice will be worth it in the end. Kathy Tusa


    • bluejeremiah Says:

      Thanks, Kathy, for the feedback. Music is a real passion of mine, so I hope to get the grant to make it possible. Have a great week! Pastor John


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